Pastors & Staff

Ryan Davis

Head Pastor

Ryan Davis is the Pastor at Ambassadors Assembly and the man God blessed with a testimony that allows him to minister to the hearts of people from all walks of life. Ryan’s history of overcoming adversity and setbacks allows him to speak directly to those with troubled hearts. He is an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur taking his life experience and pouring it into his ministry.

Ryan has a passion and love for people. One of the great visions of Ambassadors Assembly is to be an example of Kingdom living and help people inside and outside the church to live by the principles of the Kingdom. Ryan takes his experience to show people that they can turn their lives around. He went from being a high school dropout facing life in federal prison to a successful entrepreneur, manifesting the life that God destined for him. He is teaching people about the power of positivity and faith in the face of adversity.

Adelbert Roberts

Youth Pastor

Adelbert Theodore Roberts, born February 4th 1992 in Mobile AL. Raised in the Campground community as well as the Navco community. Adelbert has always been family oriented and passionate towards helping others. Even so to the point where his family nicknamed him “Man”, because he saw himself as a protector despite only being a boy.
Adelbert would go on to complete his GED. He also have certificates in HVAC and Class A CDL. Despite a few bumps in the road as a teen which would land him in prison, Adelbert would soon acknowledge these dilemmas as stepping stones.
Committing himself to Christ, Adelbert would eventually parole home in 2018. Where he is now a youth pastor, minister, husband and father. Still passionate towards helping others and now using his testimony as a tool to inspire change.